Monday, October 16, 2017

Strobe Tuner Pro

After a year of development, we are proud to announce Strobe Tuner Pro, the professional version of Guitar and Violin Tuner.

Strobe Tuner Pro is the only tuner that shows the real stroboscopic effect on your device. It is extremely accurate, and suitable for guitars and violins. By purchasing it, you can save hundreds of dollars for a physical strobe tuner.

Professionals appreciate the Strobe Tuner Pro's accuracy, beginners quickly learn to tune instruments properly. Strobe Tuner Pro is easy to use thanks to the additional chromatic tuner that helps you when your instrument is way out of tune.


  1. I love this app! Very accurate and developer provides fantastic support. Really helped me dial in the intonation on my guitar.

  2. Hello, I'm sorry for a very late reply - I'm not planning for an iOS version in the near future, but hopefully the next year.